Brand stories

Brands that create stories connect better with people.

A new team to add talent and new services to Toormix. We are not only a branding and design agency, we also produce content, audiovisual pieces and digital marketing strategies.

Branding is the discipline dedicated to shaping a brand, an idea, a positioning, a product or a service. Then, it is necessary to manage it constantly and to be able to build a convincing story that flees from traditional commercial messages and at the same time to make it reach the interested people in an effective and attractive way.

Advertising as we have understood it up to now is dead, in the same way that the term “graphic” that accompanies the word design is meaningless. We must understand communication as the ability to connect with people in a natural, honest, argued and, above all, empathetic way. Design must transcend formalist graphics to become a tool that transmits values, unique and realistic proposals and, in short, can create convincing brands through strategy and multidiscipline. We are no longer talking about advertising. Nor are we talking about graphics. We talk about brands and we talk about stories.

At Toormix we understand branding as a process that not only defines and creates a brand, but also makes it grow and builds it solidly through stories, allowing it to connect with its audiences. There is little point in building a brand that fails to get its value proposition across to interested people.

In order to build brands, it is not enough to have a team that is strong in strategy, creativity and design; it must also be strong in the creation of stories that allow brands to be endowed with convincing narratives. These stories must then be conveyed to their audiences, producing effective, coherent and unique content.

At Toormix we have been creating brands with a transparent and honest methodology for over 20 years, placing the client and the users at the centre of the process, increasing their value in each of their expressions. Over these years we have grown professionally, we have evolved and we have incorporated all those tools that we considered relevant to improve day by day and thus be able to offer more complete services adapted to the new needs of the client and to the reality of society and markets. For all these reasons, experience has led us to take a new step in the strategy of incorporating new talent to our work team.

For this reason we would like to present our renewed team. Professionals with whom we maintain the essence of the work with a vision of strategy, conceptualisation and brand design and reinforcing the areas of content, audiovisual production and digital strategy. On the one hand, Mashup Barcelona, a content production company specialising in storytelling and audiovisual creation, with more than 10 years of experience (headed by Silvia Pagès as CEO and director) joins the Toormix team to reinforce this area. The joint experience in projects for Hospital Clínic, Babyhome or CatSalut, among others, shows us how teamwork is vital to consolidate a good content strategy. On the other hand, we also have a team led by Patricia Carrasco, a specialist in digital marketing and performance strategies. In other words, how to define and find the audiences to whom we are going to send this story. A team with more than 15 years of experience planning tailor-made communication strategies focused on the creation of ads on social networks and the analysis and search for the potential audience of brands.

So we are launching the Toormix Content & Conversion area with the idea of connecting brand creation and management with the production of content and digital strategies. Because we believe that a good brand not only needs to express itself coherently through its channels, but it also needs to tell stories that empathise with its audiences. This is what we call Brand Stories although, paraphrasing Marshall MacLuhan, we could also say that stories are the message.

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